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Poker Aces
by Ron Rose and Mary Jo Rose

Part of the appeal of poker is the interesting charachters who play the game. Unfortunately, because the WPT and ESPN spend so much time showing the playing of the hands, we never get to really know a lot of the players. This book takes care of tha problem. It is very informative and tells you about the lives and many of the top players. It also profiles many of the not-so-well-known players which shows the author really knows the poker world well. It is saturated with interesting facts about the players lifes. For example, did you know John Myung (winner of the Showdown at the Sans back in November of 2003) worked in the World Trade Center Towers a few floors above where the plane hit but quit his job just days before it happened?. Both the profiles and pictures in this book are great - 5 stars.

Big Deal
by Anthony Holden

Published to coincide with the 1992 World Series of Poker, this is the story of a year spent by Anthony Holden as a professional poker player. Throughout the book you are sucked in by his enthralling and sometimes torturously suspenseful account of poker games, insightful remarks about gambling, and history of gambling and cards. And because of Holden's breezy writing style, you don't need to know a great deal about poker to enjoy the book, although a rudimentary knowledge of Hold'Em would certainly make the poker-table anecdotes even more exciting. I recommend this book highly.

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