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How to build a poker table

How to build a poker table

With the popularity of the poker table section, we thought a page with some simple planning, drawings, etc. would be of value to those who are building a poker table.

Materials / Price and Tools:

1 6 foot folding table $40.

1 Piece of ¾” finish grade 4’ x 8’ ply wood. $2

1 Box of dry wall screws 1 ½” long $

1 Roll of ¼” close cell foam $

3 Yards of short nap velvet material 9’ x 4.5’ $1

3 Yards of faux suede material 9’ x 4.5’

1 Can of Scotch Guard

1 Can of 3M adhesive spray

1 Box of ½ inch staples

2 Heavy duty hanging hooks

6 Feet of chain $ 6.00


Skill Saw or Circular Saw

Jig Saw

Tape Measure

3 feet of string

Screw Gun


Staple Gun


Good Luck on building your table!

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